Emilie (Rausch) Shireman

Graduate Research Assistant, Social Sciences Statistics Center

107 Psychology Building

Research Interests

I am interested broadly in latent variable modeling techniques, and have experience in latent class analysis, structural equation modeling, and growth mixture modeling. My multivariate statistical research interests include cluster analysis and taxometric analyses. I am also interested in applications of all these analyses to issues related to alcohol and substance use disorders.

Selected Publications

Cramer, R. J., Johnson, S. M., McLaughlin, J., Rausch, E. M., & Conroy, M. A. (2013). Suicide risk assessment training for psychology doctoral programs: Core competencies and a framework for training. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 7(1), 1.

Professional Presentations (in chronological order)

Rausch, E.M. (2012, June). K-means Clustering and Mixture Modeling: A comparison. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Classification Society, Pittsburgh, PA.

Rausch, E.M. (2013, June). Local Optima in Mixture Modeling: Examining the effect of masking variables. Presentation at the annual meeting of the Classification Society, Milwaukee, WI.

Shireman, E.M. (2013, October). Examining the Latent Space of Alcohol Use Disorders. Poster presented at the annual meeting of NIAAA Training Directors, San Diego, CA.

Shireman, E.M. (2014, June). The Effect of Data Aggregation on Latent Class Analyses of AUD: An examination with NESARC. Poster presented at the joint meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism/International Society for Biometical Research Society on Alcoholism, Bellevue, WA.

Shireman, E.M. (2014, October). Classification Quality and Locally Optimal Solutions in a Mixture Model. Poster to be presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, Nashville, TN.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Shireman, E.M., Steinley, D., & Brusco, M. (2014). Local optima in Mixture Modeling. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Shireman, E.M. & Steinley, D. (2014) Comparing classic clustering for classification to taxometric techniques. Manuscript in preparation.

Shireman, E.M. & Steinley, D. (2014). Examining the effect of initialization strategies on the performance of mixture modeling. Manuscript in preparation.

Shireman, E.M., Steinley, D., & Sher, K.J. (2014). The effect of data aggregation on latent class analyses of AUD data from NESARC. Manuscript in preparation.

Shireman, E.M. & Thombs, L. (2014). A confirmatory and exploratory examination into the evidence of Peterson’s taxonomy using longitudinal municipal spending data. Manuscript in preparation.