Ph.d. Admission Decisions

Criteria for Admission Decisions

Applicants are judged on the total strength of their admissions package.

  • Grades: Fifty percent of recently admitted students had an undergraduate GPA of 3.68 to 3.73.
  • Test Scores: Both new and old (up to 5 years) GRE test scores will be considered.
  • Fit:Greater consideration is given to applicants who have research interests that match our faculty and resources, indicated by the personal statement.
  • Academic Character: The letters of recommendation help faculty to gauge an applicant's academic character.

For Fall Semester 2014, 260 students applied and 28 were offered admissions. Of those offered admissions, 12 applicants accepted our offer to join the program. For Fall 2014, there were 118 applicants to the Clinical area and 19 to the joint Clinical/Developmental area. Cognition and Neuroscience received 33 applicants, Developmental 14, Quantitative 22 and Social/Personality 54.