Diversity in the Graduate Program

Diversity is a reality in the world and in our American society. MU values this diversity because it is inherent in our institutional values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence. Valuing diversity grows out of respect for others and for self, despite our differences. Honoring diversity is required in order for us to carry out our institutional responsibility and moral obligation to all the citizens of Missouri. Being open to diversity is essential for discovery because what we ourselves know is not all that is. Welcoming diversity is integral to achieving excellence, since without it our own views and opinions are not challenged and honed.
(from the MU Values Committee)

The following program helps students from underrepresented groups (African-American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino, or Native Pacific Islander) learn about Mizzou:

Emerge Fall Preview Weekend. This weekend program that takes place in the end of October. The visit to campus will help the prospective student learn about the opportunities for research and academic growth, meet current graduate students, and provide them with more information about the admissions process and funding sources. All costs associated with official events of the weekend (travel, lodging, meals, all scheduled activities) are paid by the Graduate School. ( More Info )

Other Resources

The University of Missouri-Columbia complies with the guidelines set forth in the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have special needs as addressed under this Act and need assistance with this or any portion of the application process, contact the MU ADA Coordinator. For information about disability services, please contact the MU Disability Services Office .