GASP Psychology Student Group

Graduate Association for Psychology Students (GASP) The Graduate Association for Psychology Students (GASP) is a student-run organization for the graduate students within the department. GASP organizes social events, provides community service, provide the department with student input, and maintains the (link here) Graduate Student Survival Guide (invaluable for new graduate students). Upcoming GASP events are listed with Department Events.

Annual Events
Multiple Happy Hours with Faculty
Tailgating for Mizzou Football Games
BBQ in Peace Park
Sponsor-a-Family during the Holidays
Summer Canoe Trip

2008-2009 GASP Officers
President - Elizabeth Martin
Vice-president - Whitney Brown
Secretary - Gabriella Johnson
Treasurer - Kelly Bassett
Social Chairs - Hayley Treloar, Megan Harney and Chris Engelhardt
GSA Representative - Erin Taylor
GPC Representative - Angela AuBuchon