Psychology Minor Information


To receive a minor in psychology an undergraduate student must complete the following coursework:
Psychology 1000: General Psychology (3 hours)
Four more psychology courses (minimum of 12 hours)
At least two of the four courses (at least 6 of the 12 hours) must be numbered 3000-level or above and be "regularly-scheduled" courses. "Regularly-scheduled" courses include all 3000+ psychology courses EXCEPT 4950/4960/4976H and 4977H.
A minimum of 15 credit hours is required for the psychology minor.
To earn the psychology minor, students must have at least a 2.00 GPA in the required courses. Students must receive a grade of "C" or better in all courses required for the minor. Grades of "C-" will not be accepted. Pass/fail graded courses will not be accepted.
A total of 6 hours of transfer and/or non-MU independent study course credit will be accepted toward the minor.


Students who have completed at least three psychology courses (at least 9 credit hours) may fill out the minor paperwork. Students who have completed at least 9 hours of psychology courses can fill out the top section of the minor form, then drop the form off at 100 McAlester Hall anytime between 9am and 4pm. As soon as possible, a psychology advisor will sign the form, and contact the student to let them know the signed form is ready to be picked up. Students can complete the minor form at any time before graduation -- the remaining two courses (6 credit hours) do NOT have to be completed before a student can turn in the minor form.
Once a student picks up the minor form from our office, she or he must take the form to the A&S Advisement Center in 107 Lowry Hall to officially file the minor.
If a student completes different courses than those noted on the minor form, she or he does NOT need to complete a second minor form; at graduation the course changes will be noted on the original form turned in to A&S. Students do NOT need to contact our office they take different courses toward the minor unless they need help confirming the course(s) will count toward the minor requirements.

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