Alumni Giving

Alumni and friends are an integral part of the Department of Psychological Sciences. Their service on boards and in alumni organizations, and their generous financial support is vital to the department.

Giving to the Department
The generosity of our departmental alumni and community help make several fellowships and programs possible. These funds also support the department's missions of research, teaching, and outreach.

Lizette Peterson-Homer Graduate Fellowship Fund
The Department of Psychological Sciences has established the Lizette Peterson-Homer Graduate Fellowship Fund to honor the former Curators’ Professor’s (1951-2002) devotion to teaching and mentoring. The memorial fund will provide financial assistance for graduate student development in these areas: research activities, specialty training at other institutions and travel to professional conferences. In awarding the funds, special consideration will be given to graduate students who are pursuing study in the area of pediatric psychology and especially in child injury-prevention research, an important yet under-funded area to which Lizette Peterson-Homer was deeply committed.

Mark H. Thelen Outstanding Clinical Graduate Student Award 
The Mark H. Thelen Outstanding Clinical Graduate Student Award honors Dr. Mark Thelen (December 13, 1935 - September 18, 2017). Dr. Thelen was a beloved and well-respected member of the University of Missouri Department of Psychological Sciences. He successfully balanced the many roles of an effective clinical psychologist – as an active scholar, devoted mentor to numerous clinical graduate students, and caring therapist. Dr. Thelen also served for many years as director of the PhD program in clinical psychology.

The Thelen Award is made to clinical graduate students whose achievements exemplify the goals of psychological clinical science, including: 

  • advancing clinical science research and theory through scholarly research in clinical psychology and its integration with other relevant sciences,
  • applying clinical science to human problems in responsible and innovative ways, and
  • disseminating clinical science to policy-making groups, psychologists and other scientists, practitioners and consumers.

Undergraduate Honors Capstone Travel Fund
Students completing Honors Capstone projects in the Department of Psychological Sciences gain the distinction of graduating with departmental honors while gaining invaluable research experience with a faculty mentor conducting original research. Over the course of two semesters, students design their own studies, collect and analyze data, submit a poster proposal to a professional conference, and write a journal-length manuscript. In late-spring, students travel to the Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) in Chicago to present their work. There, students have the opportunity to present the results of their hard work, as well as to attend scientific seminars, network with faculty and students from other universities, and explore Chicago. This fund will provide the financial backing for the students’ trip to Chicago for MPA, including staying at the conference host hotel for 2 nights and driving transportation to and from Chicago.

Brain Imaging Center Student Research Fund
Psychological Sciences is one of a small number of departments in the country to have our very own Brain Imaging Center (BIC) . Established in 2008, this research-dedicated facility provides departmental members with opportunities to investigate the functions and structures of the human brain non-invasively. Ongoing research at the BIC includes studies examining the neural mechanisms of perceptual, motor and cognitive functions, as well as how these processes are impacted by brain injuries, disorders, and diseases. As you might imagine, the costs required to maintain and staff such a facility are substantial, and require faculty users to obtain highly competitive external grant support. There are few sources of such funding available to graduate students, however, and this limits opportunities to include brain imaging in their research. Therefore, the purpose of the BIC student research fund is to raise funds to allow students to utilize these techniques and further their research careers.

The Psychological Services Clinic Fund
The Psychological Services Clinic (PSC), within the Department of Psychological Sciences, is driven by a commitment to public service. We are committed to (1) provide high-quality, affordable, and evidence-based mental health services to Columbia, MO and the surrounding communities, (2) provide high-quality training for MU doctoral trainees in clinical psychology and related disciplines, and (3) support research that advances understanding and promotion of psychological health. The PSC offers clinical services and research on a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, conduct problems, substance use and addictions, borderline personality disorder, academic difficulties, and relationship distress. With a generous fee assistance program, we offer services to individuals and families who otherwise would not be able to afford mental health care. Donations to this fund will help support the PSC’s mission to provide affordable, evidence-based care to the community and to advance research and training in mental health services.

Donors who have questions or prefer to give via mail may contact the department:

Department of Psychological Sciences
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phone: 573-882-6860
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Giving to the Department