Area Colloquia

Training area colloquia feature a wide range of speakers and topics. Previous speakers have included field-leaders from other universities, faculty from other departments, and our own faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. The atmosphere is informal and exchanges are valued and welcomed. The schedule of speakers is provided in the Calendar.

Clinical Seminar 
Fridays, 12:00p, 313 Psychology Building.

Cognition & Neuroscience Colloquium 
Fridays, 3:00p, 313 Psychology Building.

Developmental Brown Bag 
Mondays, 12:00p, 101 McAlester Hall.

Quantitative Seminar 
Fridays, 12:00p, 102 McAlester Hall.

Social/Personality Brown Bag 
Fridays, 12:00p 101 McAlester Hall.