Congratulations to December Psychology Graduates

Congratulations to students that graduated with a degree in Psychology this December. 

Over seventy undergrduate students earned a Bachelor of Arts and eleven earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

New PhD graduates include

  • Chris Blume (Cognition & Neuroscience)
  • Julia Haaf (Quantitative)
  • Mason Price (Cognition & Neuroscience)
  • Amy Underwood (Cognition  & Neuroscience)

New MA graduates include

  • Eryn Adams
  • Jasmine Berry
  • Kelly Boland
  • Mike Corcoran
  • Genevieve Dash
  • Kelsey Irvin
  • Alex Miller
  • Tara Anh Nguyen
  • Steven Pratscher
Graduation Ceremony at Hearnes Center