Congratulations to New PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our students who completed their PhD this spring.  These students were recognized at the department's annual reception, held the afternoon of the graduate commencement ceremony.

  • Ryan Carpenter (Tim Trull, mentor)
  • Angela Haeny (Ken Sher, mentor)
  • Meredith Johnson (Bruce Bartholow, mentor)
  • Sanchita Gargya (Moshe Naveh-Benjamin, mentor)
  • Anne Merrill (John Kerns, mentor)
  • Xi Ren (Steve Hackley, mentor)
  • Curtis Von Gunten (Bruce Bartholow, mentor)
  • Sarah Ward (Laura King, mentor)

Our graduate program uses a mentorship model where student candidates are selected by and train under a specific faculty member. Students interested in our program should review  faculty members' research interests to see who is a match to their own interests and experience. 

PhD Graduates 2018
Ken Sher and Angi Haeny

Dr. Ken Sher and Dr. Angi Haeny

Tim Trull and Ryan Carpenter

Dr. Tim Trull and Dr. Ryan Carpenter