Congratulations to Psychology Students That Earned University of Missouri Award for Academic Distinction

Congratulations to Psychology major Kismet Okyere who was honored with the University of Missouri Award for Academic Distinction .  Kismet's outstanding achievements and contributions to campus are as follows.

Kismet Okyere is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology, Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and Social Justice. She will also earn certificates in Addiction Behaviors and Multicultural Studies. She started her research journey in Dr. Cristina McCrae’s MizZzou Sleep Lab. Here, Kismet helped with patient intake, applying polysomnographic equipment, and assisting with MRIs. As a current McNair Scholar and a member of the Psychology Department’s Honors/Independent Capstone Program, she is working in Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr’s Family Relationship and Adolescent Development. Her current research examines the association between parent-child disclosure and adolescent risky behaviors. This research was submitted for the Midwestern Psychology Association conference and received the Regional Research Award from Psi Chi. She plans on using her research on parent-child relationships and her passion for criminology to determine how parent-child relationships affect adolescents, especially the population of juvenile offenders with parents who have been touched by the justice system. Beyond research, Kismet at-risk teen girls students through Desire to Aspire, teaching girls about healthy living, academic success, independence, and other topics that will help build up our next generation of women. Currently, Kismet serves as the President of Desire to Aspire. After graduation, Kismet will be attending Michigan State University to earn her Master’s in Criminology.

Congratulations to Psychology minors Zayd Al-Rawi, Harjeev Singh, Addie Van Drehle and Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh who were also honored with the Award.

According to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the award "recognizes undergraduate students who go above and beyond expectations to contribute to the academic atmosphere at the University of Missouri. The University and various organizations at MU recognize students for their leadership, their service, and their campus involvement. However, no university-wide recognition of undergraduate academic distinction has existed until now. This award fills that gap by providing recognition of those students who, through their academic efforts, have improved the intellectual and academic culture of this university and by motivating students with high potential to do the same."


Kismet Okyere

Congratulations to Psychology major Kismet Okyere who was honored with the Award for Academic Distinction

Bell, Okyere, Campione-Barr & Ramchand

Dr. Debi Bell, Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr and Provost Latha Ramchand recognize Psychology major Kismet Okyere who was honored with the Award for Academic Distinction