Congratulations to Students Earning Departmental Honors

Congratulations to students that have earned departmental honors!  Below is a message of congratulations from the College of Arts & Science and the Department of Psychological Science on your accomplishment.



Psychology majors who complete the Honors Lab sequence (PSYCH 4976HW and PSYCH 4977HW) and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at graduation graduate with departmental honors. To fulfill the requirement of graduating with departmental honors, students in the Honors Lab sequence are expected to develop an independent project with the assistance of a faculty mentor and create a journal-length honors thesis manuscript.

The vast majority of our Honors Capstone Program students go on to graduate programs related to psychology, medical school, or law school.  The research, presentation, and networking opportunities they receive through the honors capstone greatly improve their chances of being selected for these competitive programs.

Honors students work with Dr. Laura King

Honors students work with Dr. Laura King's Personality Dynamics Lab.