Exemplary Careers in Education and Science for Psychology Majors: A Webinar

Exemplary Careers in Education and Science for Psychology Majors: A Webinar

WHEN: 5 to 6 PM on Tuesday, February 2, 2021
REGISTER HERE: https://umsystem.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIkf-ytqjgjG9LtwTwfgQiUAbto9i8PlLji


In this hour-long webinar primarily aimed at undergraduates majoring in psychology or considering the major (but open to all) two guest speakers and Professors-for-a-Day will recount how they used their education as Psychology majors at the University of Missouri to develop interesting and stimulating careers in education and science. Their interactions with the moderator, with each other, and with the web audience through a question-and-answer format will focus on their perspectives as to how they succeeded, what career challenges they faced, advice for those soon leaving college, and what aspects of their Psychology training were of most use to them.



Ann J. Korschgen (Psychology, MU, 1971) was formerly Director of Career Planning and Interim Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, and former Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She co-authored the book, Majoring in Psych? Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates, which has been in print (with updated versions) for over 25 years.

David M. Stonner (Psychology, MU, 1970) is retired from the National Science Foundation, where his last position was as Director of the Office of International Science and Engineering