Graduate Student Nanxi Xu Honored for Research and Teaching

Congratulations to graduate student Nanxi Xu who earned the Graduate School Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award from the MU Graduate School.  This award recognizes the outstanding research and creative accomplishments of MU graduate students.  Nanxi's thesis--entitled “The Significance of Mothers’ Attachment Representations for Vagal Responding during Interactions with Infants”--examined the significance of mothers’ attachment (i.e., representations of early caregiving experiences) for their autonomic physiological responding while interacting with their infant over the course of a distressing caregiving context.  Nanxi's mentor is Dr. Ashley Groh and Nanxi has presented her research national and regional scientific meetings.  Her thesis was recently published in Attachment & Human Development.

Nanxi was also recognized as the 2021 recipient of the Graduate Professional Council Excellence in Teaching Award which illustrates her dedication to exceptional teaching and education and implementation of Mizzou’s values of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence. Those familiar with Nanxi's teaching have expressed that they have never encountered an instructor more dedicated to their students.  This has been revealed through countless exchanges with the many students, such that Nanxi has shown great care and concern for each one of them, not to mention Nanxi's contagious excitement and her vast knowledge about the material. 


Nanxi Xu Portrait

Nanxi Xu who earned the Graduate School Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award from the MU Graduate School.