Graduate Students Earn Awards for Undergraduate Education

The Department of Psychological Sciences is pleased to recognize graduate students that have made important contributions to undergradute education.

The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated direct engagement with students to aid their learning and provided outstanding assistance to a course instructor.

  • Milla Titova

The Graduate Instructor Award recognizes graduate students who have developed a course that effectively covers psychological concepts, display evidence of exceptional teaching, and have engaged in the scholarship of teaching.

  • Eryn Adams
  • Mike Corcoran
  • Milla Titova

The Undergraduate Mentoring Award recongizes graduate students that have demonstrated engagement in undergraduate education  beyond the traditional classroom experience.  

  • Mike Corcoran
  • Jessica Hua
  • Christopher Odudu
  • Melissa Tapia
  • Nanxi Xu
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