Melissa Tapia Earns Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award

Congratulations to graduate student  Melissa Tapia who earned the campus-wide Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award.  The  Award recognizes excellence in the efforts of faculty, staff, teaching assistants and graduate instructors involved in using educational technologies to meaningfully improve teaching and learning at Mizzou.  Melissa is a Robert S. Daniel Teaching Scholar and she enables direct student engagement with technology to improve understanding and learning of material.

Melissa has excelled when teaching sections of Drugs & Behavior (PSYCH-2220) online.  One student in her section noted, "[Melissa] was able to set the class up in a way that facilitated active learning and participation. The interactive aspects encouraged students to share their person opinions and looking at the issue of drug addiction from many angles to really solidify the material that was being covered."

Melissa will be formally recognized for this award at the luncheon during the Celebration of Teaching on Wednesday May 22.

Melissa Tapia

Melissa Tapia earned the campus-wide Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award.