Mike Corcoran has receieved the Green Chalk Award

The Green Chalk Award is given in recognition of a graduate instructor’s excellence, and this spring A&S students chose graduate teaching assistant Michael Corcoran in the Department of Psychological Sciences to receive the honor. Corcoran is working toward a doctorate in social psychology under the advisement of Curators’ Distinguished Professor Ken Sheldon.

“Receiving the Green Chalk Award makes me feel beyond grateful,” Corcoran says. “One of my main goals as an educator is facilitating the success of students inside and outside of the classroom, and receiving this award is some indication these goals are being met. I also think of learning as a symbiotic relationship between educator and student in which both have the potential to influence and educate each other. Mizzou has amazing students who have had a profound effect on me; to be recognized as making contributions that are impactful to these students is moving. I owe it to the students to be the best educator I can be because they contribute so much to my life and the university as a whole.”



Mike Corcoran