Psychology Department Offers Undergraduate Neuroscience Certificate

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary approach that provides explanations of behavior in terms of the activities of the brain.  Neuroscientists explain how millions of neurons operate to allow us to think & use information, interact with others, and experience the world. 

Neuroscience coursework at Mizzou explores many topics.

  • Human memory and cogntion
  • Medical physiology
  • Biolelectricity and neural signaling
  • Pharmacology

Students can explore this exciting field through coursework in psychology, biology, physiology & pharmacology, and engineering.  Then, these courses can be brought together to earn the Neurscience Certificate.  This transcripted certificate allows students to demonstrate their training at Mizzou to employers and graduate & medical programs. 

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fMRI Images

Functional MRI images from individuals following limb amputation. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Scott Frey)