Research by Dr. Nelson Cowan Helps Parents with Online School

The Columbia Daily Tribune highlighted the research of Dr. Nelson Cowan on working memory and how it impacts online learning.  Dr. Cowan's research program focuses on working memory, the small amount of information held in mind.  The Tribune article noted the following.

"There's a severe limit to what we can hold in mind and it improves in the elementary years," Cowan said.

Not exactly the same as short-term memory, which Cowan said can be used to remember where one's car is parked, working memory can apply to remembering what you said at the start of a sentence in order to finish it.

Because working memory isn't as developed in a young child's brain, parents are needed to help their children to stay organized and provide structure for their child's online education. It could include something like a written plan for the child's day.

Dr. Cowan's research "Developmental change in the nature of attention allocation in a dual task" was published in Developmental Psychology.