Seeking Scholar for MU Preparing Future Faculty – Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Program

The Preparing Future Faculty – Faculty Diversity (PFFFD) Postdoctoral Program is designed to promote and develop scholars for tenure-track faculty positions at the University of Missouri or elsewhere, in any discipline. The fellowships are for two years, during which time the scholars focus on scholarship and participate in professional development activities that integrate and expose them to the faculty experience, including the opportunity to teach in their discipline during the second year.

The Department of Psychological Sciences is searching for a postdoctoral scholar as part of the PFFFD Postdoctoral Program. We are interested in a scholar whose research complements one of our five training areas (clinical, cognition and neuroscience, developmental, quantitative, social/personality) and/or whose interests intersect with emerging university initiatives in precision health, identity and diversity science, addictions, and data science.  Please go to this web site for more information and to apply.