Undergraduate Researchers Present at Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting

Forty undergraduate students presented their research at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago on April 11 and 12.  Each student has been working with a faculty mentor and most are earning departmental honors through the Honors Capstone program.

The MPA conference caps a year-long experience where each student developed their own  hypothesis, designed and conducted the research, and analyzed results for presentation.  Students will use this experience as preparation for graduate, professional school and the workforce.


Students at MPA Meeting

Tiffany Shadrick, Allison Womack and Dana Kelsey at the MPA meeting.

Laura Gann at MPA

Laura Gann has worked with Dr. Amanda Rose on a research project on sibling relationships.

Students at Pizza Dinner before MPA

Students enjoyed a pizza dinner the evening before the MPA conference began.