Julia Haaf

Graduate Student
205 McAlester Hall
Lab Area: 
Research Interests: 
  • Bayesian hierarchical modelling as a methodological approach to
  • Social cognition: Evaluative conditioning and priming and the role of awareness
  • Cognitive Psychology: Recognition memory, perception

Twitter: @JuliaHaaf

Selected Publications: 


Haaf, J. M., & Rouder, J. N. (In Press). Developing Constraint in Bayesian Mixed Models. Psychological Methods. PDF

Heycke, T., Gehrmann, S. M., Haaf, J., & Stahl, C. (In-principle Accepted). A registered replication of Rydell et al. (2006). OSF project

Thiele, J. E., Haaf, J. M., & Rouder, J. N. (In Press). Bayesian Analysis for Systems Factorial Technology. PDF

Rouder, J. N., Haaf, J. M., & Aust, F. (Submitted). From theories to models to predictions: A Bayesian model comparison approach for communications research. PDF


Stahl, C., Haaf, J., & Corneille, O. (2016). Subliminal evaluative conditioning? Above-chance CS identification may be necessary and insufficient for attitude learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. doi: /10.1037/xge0000191 [pdf] [supp].