Susan O’Neill
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. O'Neill's research has focused on young adult alcohol use and problems as well as alcohol use disorder nosology. She has expertise in substance abuse intervention, emphasizing motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Dr. O’Neill directs the Strategies Targeting Alcohol Responsibility (STAR) program at the University of Missouri (MU). This intervention program was developed through the combined efforts of Dr. O’Neill and the clinical psychology trainees she supervises. The STAR intervention combines personalized normative feedback, functional analysis of heavy drinking situations, values exploration, as well as interpersonal and emotional regulation skills training toward the reduction of heavy drinking in college students at risk. She serves as clinical supervisor for the Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) program at MU. In addition, Dr. O'Neill is a member of the Psychological Services Clinic’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy team, alternately serving as therapist, skills trainer, or supervisor.