Jeff Rouder

Jeff Rouder
Frederick A. Middlebush Professor
212D McAlester Hall
Lab Area: 
Research Interests: 

People can identify words, letters, shapes, and objects quickly and effortlessly. Although these are ostensibly simple tasks, they require tremendous perceptual and cognitive processing. Research in the Perception and Cognition Lab centers on how people process and combine new perceptual information with pre-existing knowledge such that they can reach these quick, effortless decisions about the world around them. I study memory, attention, perception, categorization, and letter recognition. Much of my research in these domains is methodological in nature.

Selected Publications: 

A complete list of my publications with full-text downloads is available at the Perception and Cognition Lab Publication Page

Rouder, J. N., Morey, R. D., Cowan, N. C., Zwilling, C. E., Morey, C. C., and Pratte, M. S. (2008) An Assessment of Fixed Capacity Models of Short-Term Memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science , 105, 5976-5979. [Download]

Rouder, J.N. Lu, J., Morey, R. D., Sun, D. and Speckman, P. L. (2008) A Hierarchical Process Dissociation Model. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General . 137, 370-389. [Download]

Rouder, J. N. (2004) Efficiency in processing letters and words. Psychological Review. 111, 80-93. [Download]