Honors or Independent Research Capstone Program

Honors/Independent Research Capstone Program General Information

Psychology majors who complete the Honors Lab sequence (PSYCH 4976HW and PSYCH 4977HW) and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at graduation will graduate with departmental honors.  This is the only way to obtain departmental honors in Psychological Sciences.  To fulfill the requirement of graduating with departmental honors, students in the Honors Capstone sequence are expected to develop an independent project with the assistance of a faculty mentor, create a journal-length honors thesis manuscript, and present a research poster of their project at both the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago and an on-campus event. 

Independent Research Capstone students must fulfill all of the same requirements, but do not have to have a 3.5 GPA in order to participate.  They will not graduate with departmental honors, however.

More information can be found in the downloadable documents to the right.  Updated information regarding Psychology faculty availability to serve as a mentor can be found here.

For more information about the Honors Lab, please contact the Director of the department’s honors program, Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr (CampionebarrN@missouri.edu).

*Note: Honors Capstone Participants are not required to be members of the MU Honors College, but they may receive honors credit towards an honors certificate if they are*

Honors Program News

The 2020-2021 honors/independent research capstone students are:

Student                         Mentor

Adam Arand                  Dr. Shaffer

Mandar Bhoyar             Dr. vanMarle

Brianna Carman            Dr. Johnson

Skyler Carter                 Dr. Arndt

Haley Coward               Dr. King

Lindsay Durdle             Dr. Rose

Esiri Emeje                   Dr. Ferguson

Kesha Liles                   Dr. Kerns

Katie McCulloch          Dr. Campione-Barr

Heather Miller              Dr. Geary

Sophia Parmacek        Dr. Ferguson

Max Staab                    Dr. Shaffer

Xavier Strong               Dr. Campione-Barr

Jack Suarez                 Dr. Johnson

Mikella Vermaire          Dr. Johnson

Brooke Watkins           Dr. vanMarle


The vast majority of our Honors Capstone Program students go on to graduate programs related to psychology, medical school, or law school.  The research, presentation, and networking opportunities they receive through the honors capstone greatly improve their chances of being selected for these competitive programs.

The department incurs significant expenses to ensure students can afford the travel associated with the program.  Alumni giving to this program goes directly towards off-setting the costs of these experiences. If you want to give a gift to support the honors program, go to our Give Direct website: https://mizzougivedirect.missouri.edu/Item.aspx?item_id=195.    

Honors Research Capstone students in Chicago for the 2018 Midwestern Psychological Association meeting

Honors Research Capstone students in Chicago for the 2018 Midwestern Psychological Association meeting

Grace Data Blitz Presentation MPA18

Grace Data Blitz Presentation MPA18

Haley Benson MPA18

Haley Benson MPA18

Najeebah Hussain MPA18

Najeebah Hussain MPA18

Kristin Thompson MPA18

Kristin Thompson MPA18