These are presented as examples of syllabi for psychology classes. Students enrolled should rely on the syllabus provided by their instructor.

If you are interested in viewing a syllabus from a previous semester, please email Melanie Irish at

PDF icon 1000 General Psychology Miller FS17
PDF icon 1000 General Psychology Segert FS17
PDF icon 1030 Orientation to the Psychology Major Campione-Barr SP18
PDF icon 2110 Learning, Memory, and Cognition Adams FS18
PDF icon 2210 Mind, Brain, & Behavior Segert FS17
PDF icon 2220 Drugs & Behavior Tapia SP18
PDF icon 2310 Social Psychology Sheldon FS17
PDF icon 2320 Introduction to Personality King SP17
PDF icon 2410 Developmental Psychology Groh FS17
PDF icon 2510 Survey of Abnormal Psychology Hua SP18
PDF icon 2810 Human Sexuality Sheldon SP17
PDF icon 2830 Human-Companion Animal Interaction
PDF icon 3003H Social Neuroscience Honors Bartholow FS18
PDF icon 3010 Research Methods I Bauer SP18
PDF icon 3020 Research Methods II Schachtman SP18
PDF icon 3020 Research Methods II Sheldon FS16
PDF icon 3110 Theories of Learning Schachtman FS17
PDF icon 3140 Cognitive Psychology Bauer SP17
PDF icon 3150 Human Memory Bauer SP13
PDF icon 3310 Intergroup Relations Price-Blackshear FS18
PDF icon 3350 Positive Psychology Sheldon SP18
PDF icon 3370W The Science of Mindfulness Bettencourt FS17
PDF icon 3420 Cognitive Development in Childhood Luo SP18
PDF icon 3430 Social Development in Childhood Groh SP18
PDF icon 3440H Women's Professional Development Rose SP18
PDF icon 3830 Health Psychology Segert FS17
PDF icon 3860 Law and Psychological Science McCarthy FS17
PDF icon 4003 Psychosis & the Brain Kerns SP18
PDF icon 4010W Pain & the Brain Capstone Craggs SP18
PDF icon 4010W The Science of Intergroup Relations Capstone Bettencourt SP18
PDF icon 4210 Physiological Psychology Will FS13
PDF icon 4240 Cognitive Neuroscience Johnson FS18
PDF icon 4360 Social Cognition Scherer FS17
PDF icon 4440 Sex Differences Geary SP18
PDF icon 4540 Emotional Disorders in Childhood & Adolescence Bell FS16
PDF icon 4840 History of Psychology Hackley SP16
PDF icon 4971W Developmental Psychology Capstone vanMarle SP18
PDF icon 4972 Animal Learning Capstone Schachtman SP17
PDF icon 4973W Human Cognition Capstone Bauer FS17
PDF icon 4974 Human Senses Capstone Hackley FS18
PDF icon 4976HW Honors Capstone I Campione-Barr FS17
PDF icon 4977HW Honors Research Casptone II Campione-Barr SP18
PDF icon 4980 Human Relationships Capstone Sheldon FS16
PDF icon 4985 Health Psychology Capstone Segert SP17
PDF icon 4986W Perception & Action Capstone Frey FS18
PDF icon 4988W Medical Decision Making Capstone Shaffer SP19