The mission of the Department of Psychological Sciences is to increase understanding of the mind, behavior, and mental health, and to produce, disseminate, and use science to improve the lives of the citizens of Missouri, the nation, and the world.  The Department pursues this mission through:


  • In the past 5 years alone, our acclaimed faculty have received more than $33 million in research grants and contracts to support scientific discoveries, and have authored almost 1,000 scholarly publications describing those discoveries.
  • Publications authored by our faculty have been cited in the scientific literature more than 140,000 times, reflecting their large impact on the field. 
  • The prominent stature of our faculty is also reflected in their status as Fellows in professional organizations and their receipt of numerous honors and awards.


  • Our faculty offer first-rate instruction in courses that serve more than 8,000 students each year. 
  • Psychology courses provide students with fundamental understanding of human behavior, ranging from basic motivations that shape all of human experience to pathologies associated with specific psychological conditions.
  • With approximately 80 graduate students, our Ph.D. program prepares students for high-impact professional careers in academic, healthcare, and industry settings. We also offer specialized instruction on issues related to professional development, ensuring that our doctoral graduates are well prepared for all aspects of their careers.


  • Our faculty engage in numerous community-directed service activities aimed at enriching the lives of Missourians and enhancing MU’s impact both nationally and internationally. 
  • Several of our faculty serve on federal scientific advisory panels, federal grant review panels, executive boards of national and international scientific and professional organizations, and national and international editorial boards; several of our faculty are the lead editors of top scientific journals in the field. 
  • The Department operates the Psychological Services Clinic, which provides high quality, affordable, evidence-based mental health services for members of the campus and the local community, and which provides a highly valuable training atmosphere for our Clinical Psychology doctoral students.