Cognition & Neuroscience Graduate Student Nathaniel Greene

"Although the courses may be more challenging, and it may not always feel like time is on your side, the lessons you will learn here will impact you for the rest of your life. With expert faculty in all training areas of psychology, including one of the most premier quantitative programs in the nation, your graduate training will far surpass what you could achieve elsewhere. Everyday I am reminded that Mizzou is the best place I have ever been, and I have never once looked back with regret." - Cognition & Neuroscience Graduate Student Nathaniel Greene

Criteria for Admission Decisions

Applicants are judged on the total strength of their admissions package.

  • Grades: The average GPA of students admitted for Fall 2020 was 3.74
  • Test Scores:   For students applying to begin training in Fall 2021, GRE scores (general or psychology subject) are not required; however, applicants may choose to include scores.  We do not have a minimum GRE score required for admission.  
  • Fit: Greater consideration is given to applicants who have research interests that match our faculty and resources, indicated by the personal statement.
  • Academic Character: The letters of recommendation, writing sample and personal statement help faculty to gauge an applicant's academic and research experiences.  Applicants are allowed to include additional information (e.g., a personal history) to help faculty members understand strengths and potential for success in graduate school.

For Fall 2020, 177 students applied and 31 were offered admission. Of those offered admission, 13 applicants accepted our offer to join the program. For Fall 2020, there were 93 applications to the Clinical area, Cognition and Neuroscience received 20 applications, Developmental 26, Quantitative 10, and Social/Personality received 28.