The Missouri Center for Addiction Research and Engagement (MO-CARE) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration seeking to better understand and prevent addictive behaviors.  

Started in 2019, MO-CARE coordinates the work of addiction investigators across the University of Missouri System to meet the needs of Missourians affected by addiction through innovative research, enhancing remote access to care, and training the next generation of addiction researchers and treatment providers. 

Collaborations between health care providers and MO-CARE lead to holistic and more precise interventions. 

Festschrift for Ken Sher 

 On Sept 8, 2023, MO-CARE will be sponsoring a celebration of the career of Ken Sher. Click here for more information and to RSVP for this event. 



MO-CARE is dedicated to: 

  • Facilitating advancement and development activities related to addiction research and outreach 

  • Guiding providers both in preparatory training and continued education 

  • Creating opportunities for system-level collaborative research and training, such as that done through other campus locations or nearby institutions with strong ties to the university. 

  • Increasing funding opportunities to areas deemed a priority by federal and other agencies.