Students studying Psychological Sciences have access to a team of dedicated A&S academic advisors. They provide guidance on academic planning, course registration, opportunities that complement your academic and career goals, and more. Here, you can get tips on a variety of topics, including how to register for classes, add or change a major or minor and check on degree requirements, as well as plan your graduation! 


Undergraduate Advising Office

Melanie Irish
203B McAlester Hall
Advising Office Telephone Number: 573-884-3811


Jennifer Bloss (Last Names: A-D)
203D McAlester Hall
Use this link to schedule an appointment with Jennifer Bloss.

Kaitlyn Callahan (Last Names: E-K)
203E McAlester Hall
Use this link to schedule an appointment with Kaitlyn Callahan.

Jessica Watson (Last Names: L-R) 
203C McAlester Hall
Use this link to schedule an appointment with Jessica Watson.

Betsy Miller (Last Names: S-Z)
203A McAlester Hall
Use this link to schedule an appointment with Betsy Miller.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dennis K. Miller
212C McAlester Hall


We have a Canvas page with continually-updated information on the psychology major, minor and certificates, and with opportunities for current students.  To self-enroll in the Canvas page click this link.

McAlester Hall

The Undergraduate Advising Office is located in 203 McAlester Hall. McAlester Hall is located north of Peace Park at the corner of 6th Street and Elm Street.