Support for Psychology Majors 

Psychology majors can work in diverse fields such as community and social services, human resources, management and business, student affairs and services, law enforcement, education, and scientific research. We strongly encourage students to explore their career interests by taking various courses in and outside of psychology, visiting the campus Career Center, and utilizing the resources available in the Advising Office.  

We have a Canvas page with continually-updated information on opportunities for students.  To self-enroll in the Canvas page click this link.

Opportunities for Psychology Majors 

Getting involved on campus can improve not just your collegiate experience but your capabilities in the classroom. Consider joining one of our many psychology-related student organizations. These organizations cover a broad range of interests and can lead to valuable networking opportunities.  

A unique opportunity for undergraduate psychology majors at the University of Missouri is assisting with faculty research. Students can gain experience in their field of interest by helping with research. Doing so will be an advantage when searching for a job or graduate school program in the future.  

Graduate School in Psychology

Many graduates of our program are interested in going to graduate school.  There are many types of graduate programs in psychology and the application process can be very complicated.  Click here to access a video series from the American Psychological Association on preparing and applying for graduate school in psychology.  The series takes prospective graduate students step-by-step through the preparation, application, interview, and admission processes. The presenters combine decades of advising experience and research findings with evidence-based and anxiety-reducing strategies for mastering each step.

Click here to learn more about Mizzou's graduate program in Psychological Sciences.