Psychology Major

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree (BA)
We offer the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) degree to students interested in studying human behavior in preparation for either employment after completion of the undergraduate psychology degree, or in preparation for applied psychology and other related graduate programs (e.g., counseling, social work, management).

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Degree (BS)
We offer the Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS) degree to students interested in a more science-oriented curriculum to better prepare them for further study in science-oriented psychology graduate programs (e.g., neuroscience, quantitative psychology), or medical school (e.g., Doctor of Medicine/MD, psychiatry), or other health-related graduate programs (e.g., pharmacy, physical therapy). The required science track is not noted on the BS diploma or transcripts, but students can indicate the science track on resumes and/or graduate school application forms.

The BA and BS psychology degree requirements are similar in that both require the following coursework.

  • Psych 1000
  • Math 1100 (College Algebra) 
  • A required statistics course (=Stat 1200 for BA, Stat 2500 <
    for BS)
  • A research methods sequence (Psych 3010/3020/Capstone)
  • Four psychology distribution courses (covering 4 of 5 subject areas
  • Two elective psychology courses
  • Both degrees require a 12-to-13 hour single foreign language sequence.

There are two main differences between the Psychology BA and the new Psychology BS degree:

  • The Psychology BA requires completion of Statistics 1200 (Introductory Statistical Reasoning), while the Psychology BS requires completion of Statistics 2500 (Introduction to Probability & Statistics I).
  • The Psychology BS requires an approved 12- to 13-hour science track of coursework in one of the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics. The Psychology BA does not include a required science track.