Amy Costa

“Not only is the psychological sciences department incredible for helping students develop research and leadership skills, but I have also made life-long friends and future collaborators in the program. One of my favorite parts of the psychology graduate program has been the opportunity to gain experience with grant writing. The workshop that is offered has been instrumental to me, and I would have not received my research grant without it. I now have the opportunity to conduct my own research and gain invaluable skills as an independent researcher, thanks to help of the faculty and other students in the psychological sciences program.” - Amy Costa, Cognition & Neuroscience Graduate Student

All graduate students in good standing are eligible for at least five years of financial support. This support is in the form of graduate teaching or research assistantships or campus fellowships. 

  • For 2024-2025 the minimum academic year (9-month) stipend is $19.600. Please note that the cost of living in Columbia compares favorably with most locations throughout the country.
  • The tuition waiver covers resident and non-resident tuition fees.  
  • Student medical insurance plans are administered through the Graduate School and students are encouraged to review the Graduate School's information on eligibility, enrollment, costs and coverage 

Offers of financial support are made concurrently with the offer of admission.  All admitted graduate students are offered full financial support.

The department provides financial support for students' thesis and dissertation research. All graduate students are eligible for travel awards to present research at professional meetings. 

The majority of our graduate students receive summer support in activities related to their academic interests.