Financial Support

All PhD students in good standing are eligible for five years of guaranteed financial support. This support is in the form of graduate teaching or research assistantships or campus fellowships. Financial support includes a tuition waiver and stipend. For 2017-2018 the academic year stipend is $18,026. Please note that the cost of living in Columbia compares favorably with most locations throughout the country.

The University of Missouri will offer its  Student Health Insurance Plans ( ) to all graduate students, including those who receive stipends, e.g., graduate assistants and teaching assistants, under existing eligibility rules. The university has no plans to eliminate its SHIP or alter its enrollment rules to exclude any graduate students presently eligible for coverage.

The department provides financial support for students' thesis and dissertation research. All graduate students are eligible for travel awards to present research at professional meetings. In addition, the majority of our graduate students receive summer support in activities related to their academic interests.