Foundational to all of these training goals and professional activities is a commitment to ethical & culturally competent science and practice. The clinical Ph.D. program strives to incorporate an understanding and appreciation of individual, cultural, and contextual factors in all aspects of the program, including coursework, research, clinical practice, professional identity development, and program climate.

A fundamental tenet of our profession is that psychologists are ethically bound to provide services to all types of clients, regardless of client worldviews, beliefs, values, racial or ethnic background, gender identification, sexual orientation, or other aspects of clients’ identity. We are committed to training all students to meet this ethical standard, and meeting the standard is necessary for successfully completing the program. We appreciate that, initially, some students may find it challenging to work with clients who hold different worldviews or conflicting values and beliefs, and we are committed to working respectfully with students to develop, over time, the capacity to meet this core ethical standard.

We hold similar values regarding psychologists’ research, teaching/learning, and other professional activities. We are committed to training students to consider issues of individual and cultural diversity in the design, implementation, and interpretation of their research, including an appreciation of how they can both utilize and contribute to a more culturally informed knowledge base. We are further committed to facilitating students’ ability to work effectively with students, research participants, and colleagues with diverse worldviews, backgrounds, and identities.

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Clinical Area Diversity & Inclusion Plans and Actions