Our application deadline is December 1, 2022 for students who plan to begin graduate training in Fall 2023. Applicants must submit all materials through the Graduate School's online application system before the December 1, 2022 application deadline. 

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All PhD students in good standing are eligible for five years of guaranteed financial support. This support is in the form of graduate teaching or research assistantships or campus fellowships. Financial support includes a tuition waiver,  stipend and participation in student medical insurance plans.

The Department of Psychological Sciences is committed to fostering and supporting a climate of inclusion and diversity.  Students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply to our program.

Submission of GRE scores, including the subject test, is optional.  We do not view the lack of GRE scores negatively.  No application will be dinged in the review process by not including GRE scores.  However, if an applicant has taken the GRE and feels their inclusion would enhance their application, then they should be included.