In the Spring 2021 semester The Department of Psychological Sciences will introduce a new online undergraduate course--Military and Veterans Psychology (PSYCH-2511, course number 68286 on MyZou).  The instructor is Dr. Bret A. Moore, a board-certified clinical psychologist and prescribing psychologist.  Dr. Moore is a former active duty Army psychologist and completed two tours in Iraq as a Clinical Psychologist 

Military psychology also includes the behavioral health challenges of those who are serving, have served, and their families — whether in times of peace or conflict. This course will cover how the specialty of military psychology was historically established and evolved, and how it is distinguished from other branches of psychology. The various ways military psychology is applied to leadership, organizational behavior, human resources, and operational psychology are explored as well.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the history and evolution of military psychology, including military culture, structures and systems from a military perspective.
  2. Explain the various applications of psychological research, theory and best practices in the military environment.
  3. Describe the various applications of psychology in various military structures and systems and identify how and where one fits into the organization.
  4. Summarize current trends and issues in behavioral health services provided to those who are serving, have served and their families.

Questions about this course and our undergraduate program should be director to our Undergraduate Advising Office.