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Student Training for Advancing Research (S.T.A.R.) is a recognition program created by the Office of Undergraduate Research. If you earn your S.T.A.R., that means you have completed a series of Undergraduate Research Workshops and/or online compliance trainings.

Given the challenges for undergraduate students to participate in research opportunities on campus this year, the MU Office of Undergraduate Research developed a new, completely online program: Student Training for Advancing Research (S.T.A.R.)  The OUR offered 32 workshops over the course of the semester on topics such as Responsible Conduct of Research, Planning a Research Participation, or How to Write an Abstract.  Students who completed five workshops or trainings were eligible to receive their S.T.A.R. certification. Such certification can be listed on their extended transcripts and curriculum vitae.

Psychological Sciences is very proud to announce that 23 of our Psychology majors earned their S.T.A.R. certification during the Fall 2020 semester.  They are:

Matt Ahn

Aminah Bradley-Pikes

Hannah Burke

Brianna Carman

Haylee Crane

Ian Flower

Alex Fortman

Gabrielle Groves

Puja Halder

Sarah Hanske

Ellie Henderson

Brooke Hilton

Antonio Hurn

Ella Konrad

Reese Lavers

Anna Law

Aubrielle Maginness

Madison Peacock

Emily Schroeder

Gabrielle Scott

Lizzie Sekarski

Michelle Skroba

Marie Tweedie