Ramses the Dog

Ramses, one of the pets of the Department of Psychological Sciences.

Pets are good for mental health. Pets increase our sense of self-esteem and well-being.  They make us more physically fit and less lonely.  Our pets help us to be more conscientious and less preoccupied.   How Dogs Drive Emotional Well-Being, Psychology Today,...
fMRI Images

Functional MRI images from individuals following limb amputation. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Scott Frey)

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary approach that provides explanations of behavior in terms of the activities of the brain.  Neuroscientists explain how millions of neurons operate to allow us to think & use information, interact with others, and experience the world. ...
Josephine Mitchell Smith trained under Max Meyer and her research focused on the sensory abilities of the blind.  In particular, a book that she published on Braille was widely cited and helped guide clinicians and educators in its use.  Dr. Smith served as interim head of the...
Jesse Hall and Columns

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The Department of Psychological Sciences is pleased to recognize graduate students that have made important contributions to undergradute education. The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated direct engagement with students to...
Mizzou '39 Students
Congratulations to three of our  undergraduate students - Meryl Barnes, Alex Hackworth, and Molly White - for receiving the Mizzou '39 Award for academic achievement, leadership, and service!
Courtney Gann
Graduate student Courtney Gann earned a Psi Chi Graduate Research Grant for her work,  “Taste Neophobia in the APP+PS1 Double Transgenic Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease”. The grant is supporting a current research study that uses transgenic rat models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to...
Jessica Hua

Jessica Hua won the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science (APCS) 2019 Clinical Science Student Training Award. 

Congratulations to graduate student Jessica Hua who won the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science (APCS) 2019 Clinical Science Student Training Award. It will provide her the funds necessary to receive additional in-depth training in conducting structural brain imaging analyses. This...


Lynn Rossy

Lynn Rossy

, Dana O’Brien

Dana O’Brien

, Dan Claiborn

Dan Claiborn

Three psychology department alumni have recently come back to share their unique knowledge. In our new Professor-for-a-Day program, alumni serve the role of professor and provide their cutting-edge knowledge to Mizzou students.   Professor-for-a-Day Lynn Rossy If you invite two people...
Laura Hatz

Graduate Student Laura Hatz.

Congratulations to Laura Hatz, who was selected as a recipient of a 2019 American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award.  Laura’s dissertation is titled "Mathematical Modeling of Intoxicated Risky Decision Making" and she is co-advised by Denis McCarthy and Clint Davis- Stober...
Jesse Hall

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Congratulations to the winners of the department's Graduate Student Excellence Awards. These senior graduate students have been recognized for their outstanding research scholarship.  Each has published research in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at international scientific meetings...