Hannah Volpert-Esmond

Hannah Volpert-Esmond  who was a recipient of the Graduate Excellence in Diversity Award

, Sonia Giron

Sonia Giron who was a recipient of the Graduate Excellence in Diversity Award

Congratulations to Hannah Volpert-Esmond and Sonia Giron who are recipients of the Graduate Excellence in Diversity Award. The following are combined comments from the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion regarding Hannah's efforts and interests. Hannah is a very strong candidate for this...
PhD Graduates 2019

Spring and Summer graduates at the departmental reception in May.

Congratulations to all students that completed their dissertation or thesis this spring or summer.  Dr. Glenn Baker (Dr. Laura King & Dr. Laura Scherer, mentors) Dr. Sonia Giron (Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr, mentor) Dr. Jordan Stevens (Dr. Doug Steinley, mentor) Dr. Rachel...
Laura Hatz
Laura Hatz earned an NIH F31 NRSA award for her research on “Mathematical Modeling of Intoxicated Risky Decision Making.”  This work will be funded by NIAAA.  Laura is a graduate student in the clinical training area and will be co-mentored by Denis McCarthy and Clint Davis-Stober....
Kelsey Irvin at Life Sciences Week

Kelsey Irvin was selected for the MU Distinguished Thesis Award for "Association between Positive Affect Regulation and the Reward Positivity."

Kelsey Irvin was selected for the MU Distinguished Thesis Award for "Association between Positive Affect Regulation and the Reward Positivity."  Her research, mentored by Dr. Debi Bell and Dr. Bruce Bartholow suggests that positive affect regulation may be an important factor to consider...
Angela Haeny and Ken Sher

Drs. Angela Haeny and Ken Sher at the ceremony recognizing Dr. Haeny's recognition with the MU Distinguished Dissertation Award.

Dr. Angela Haeny was selected for the MU Distinguished Dissertation Award for "A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relation between Impulsivity-Related Traits and Family History of Alcoholism". Her dissertation, under the mentorship of Dr. Ken Sher, made a significant contribution to the field...
Kelsey Irvin

Kelsey Irvin earned second place in the Missouri Life Sciences Week poster competition. 

Congratulations to graduate student Kelsey Irvin who was recognized for excellence at the Missouri Life Sciences Week poster competition.  Her research poster, "Sensitivity of the Reward Positivity Event-Related Potential to a Savoring Affect Regulation Strategy" earned second place...
Melissa Tapia

Melissa Tapia earned the campus-wide Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award.

Congratulations to graduate student  Melissa Tapia who earned the campus-wide Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award.  The  Award recognizes excellence in the efforts of faculty, staff, teaching assistants and graduate instructors involved in using educational...
MPA Award Winners 2019

Luke Mouton, Riley McCarty, Rachel Wesley, and Lorena Fernandez earned research awards at the  2019 Midwestern Psychological Association meeting

Four Psychology undergraduates earned awards at the 2019 Midwestern Psychological Association meeting. Luke Mouton (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Jamie Arndt) won the Psi Chi Regional Research Award  Riley McCarty (Faculty Mentor, Dr. David Beversdorf) won the Psi Chi Regional Research...
Lorena Fernandez and Nicole Campione-Barr

Award for Undergraduate Distinction winner Lorena Fernandez and her faculty mentor, Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr, present her research at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting.

Congratulations to Lorena Fernandez, Luke Guerdan and Rohit Rao.  These psychology undergraduates earned the Award for Undergraduate Distinction.  The awardees were selected by demonstrating extraordinary intellectual curiosity, seeking knowledge beyond the classroom and...
Cate Cooper and Dean Nicole Monnier

Cate Coper is recognized with the  Excellence in Advising Award from Arts & Science Dean Nicole Monnier in April 2019.

Cate Cooper was recognized as an academic advisor who make a difference in the lives of undergraduates at the University of Missouri: She earned the campus-wide Excellence in Advising Award for 2019.  The Award recognizes advisors that demonstrate a caring attitude...