Ed Merkle

Ed Merkle
Associate Professor
28A McAlester Hall
Lab Area: 
Research Interests: 

Forecasting and subjective probability: Aggregation, evaluation, crowdsourcing

Psychometric measurement: Test/item bias and fairness

Statistical modeling: Estimation, selection, computing

Bayesian latent variables models: R package blavaan

Further information and replication code for my psychometric work can be found here.

Selected Publications: 

Full publication list is at http://faculty.missouri.edu/~merklee/

Merkle, E. C., You, D., & Preacher, K. J. (in press). Testing non-nested structural equation models. Psychological Methods.

Merkle, E. C., Steyvers, M., Mellers, B., & Tetlock, P. E. (in press). Item response models of probability judgments: Application to a geopolitical forecasting tournament. Decision.

Smithson, M. & Merkle, E. C. (2013). Generalized linear models for categorical and limited dependent variables. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Merkle, E. C. & Zeileis, A. (2013). Tests of measurement invariance without subgroups: A generalization of classical methods. Psychometrika, 78, 59-82.

Merkle, E. C. (2009). The disutility of the hard-easy effect in choice confidence. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 16, 204-213.

Merkle, E. C. & Van Zandt, T. (2006). An application of the Poisson race model to confidence calibration. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 135, 391-408.