Autism Speaks announced that Psychological Sciences graduate Student Scout Bolton is a recipient of their new Predoctoral Fellowship Program for Autistic Scientists. 

Through this fellowship program, [Autism Speaks'] goal is to increase autistic representation in the field of autism research and empower a greater number of autistic scientists to pursue long-lasting research careers. “With this fellowship program, we are supporting autistic individuals whose combination of academic expertise and lived experience can greatly impact the field of autism research. This grant opportunity allows us to fund innovative research that resonates with the autistic community and makes a meaningful impact for people across the spectrum and throughout the life span,” says Andy Shih, chief science officer at Autism Speaks.

Scout's research is concerned with better understanding the neural mechanisms underlying the various neurocognitive difficulties in children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders. Her current work is focused on investigating the neural signature of sensory over responsivity (SOR) in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The research can be used to inform therapeutic interventions and improve outcomes for individuals with autism across the life span.

Dr. Shawn Christ is Scout's mentor in the Clinical Training Area.