Kristin M. Hawley
Associate Professor
204C McAlester Hall
Lab Information
Research Interests

Youth Mental Health Services and Interventions: moderators of treatment engagement and outcome, therapeutic change processes, core components of effective interventions

Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices: provider training and application of research-supported assessment and treatment, streamlining and enhancing research-supported therapies for clinical practice


Dr. Hawley earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her graduate work at UCLA focused on practice-based interventions research and she completed postdoctoral training in youth mental health services research at San Diego State University, San Diego Children’s Hospital and the NIMH-funded Child and Adolescent Services Research Center. Her current research focus is on improving youth mental health services in community-based settings by collaborating with service providers and families in order to (a) identify conditions that enhance therapy retention, engagement and outcomes; (b) discover key components of effective interventions, (c) refine promising research-supported therapies to increase their practical usefulness; and (d) understand and improve provider training and adoption of research-supported therapy practices. Before joining the faculty at MU, she also completed clinical training at Los Angeles’ Child and Family Guidance Center, St. John’s Child and Family Development Center, and UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute Childhood Anxiety, OCD, & Tic-Related Disorders Program. She continues to provide clinical training and supervision to graduate clinicians within MU's Psychological Services Clinic.

Selected Publications

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