Denis M. McCarthy

Denis McCarthy
212D McAlester Hall
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* Cognitive factors that influence alcohol use disorder, addictive behavior, and related problems (e.g., drinking and driving).

* Psychopharmacology of alcohol, particularly how variability in the acute effects of alcohol increase risk for related problems.

* Genetic, personality, and environmental factors related to addictive behavior, particularly how these factors influence learning.

Dr. McCarthy will be accepting applications for the clinical doctoral program for the 2022 academic year.

Selected Publications: 

Journal Publications in Past 3 years
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McMullin, S.D., Motschman, C., Hatz, L.E., McCarthy, D.M., Davis-Stober, C.P. (in press). Decision strategies while intoxicated relate to alcohol-impaired driving attitudes and intentions, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.  

Martins, J.S., Joyner, K.J., McCarthy, D.M., Morris, D.H., Patrick, C.J., & Bartholow, B.D. (in press). Differential brain responses to alcohol‐related and natural rewards are associated with alcohol use and problems: Evidence for reward dysregulation. Addiction Biology.

Motschman, C.A., Griffin, S.A., Warner, O.M., & McCarthy, D.M. (in press). Craving, stimulation, and sedation as predictors of alcohol demand under intoxication. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.  

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